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Pedaling to the Top | A Holistic Approach to Sales Optimization

pedaling to sales optimization

Whether it’s competitive cycling or selling in the competitive business world, a solid strategy is key. And just like racing cyclists, sales organizations have clear leaders and laggards.

The categories of competitors in a long cycling race are analogous to the phases of maturity within the sales optimization continuum. Optimizing the sales organization starts with understanding the elements of sales optimization to measure against, and then taking a holistic approach to increase maturity across the spectrum of elements rather than focusing resources on just one area.

By working to increase maturity across multiple elements of the sales optimization spectrum, your organization can break away from the pack and achieve success. Read the complete eBook to learn more about how optimizing sales can improve your organization’s growth.

Read the eBook to learn:

  • The eight elements of the sales optimization continuum
  • The questions to help determine the level of optimization within each element
  • The 3 competitive cycling categories and their likeness to sales organizations
  • Achieving sales optimization – mistakes to avoid when optimizing the sales organization

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