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Data Infrastructure Challenges for Health Plans Today


Some of the specific areas of focus where health plans are devoting a lot of energy, and where Baker Tilly is supporting them in these efforts, is around getting a data infrastructure that’s in place that can enable health plans to move forward into the future confidently, understanding individual elements about their population.

Many organizations are recognizing that what might have worked for them in the past as they dealt with the organizations they served, like employers and consultancies that served those employers, may not actually work for them in the future.

As they begin communicating and serving their individual membership directly, educating them about what’s available, and working with them to improve their health, the foundational data structure, and certainly some of the foundational analytics and insights that they’ve developed over time to manage disease and to work within the employer construct, may not be viable for them moving forward.

Additionally, the interaction management, the foundational way that health plans communicate with individuals about their health and about their financial benefit needs to change. The framework and infrastructure that exists today to support that in the employer world is not going to be sufficient moving forward.